The Season Pass Podcast: Season Passholder Member’s Code of Conduct (COC) is a set of REQUIRED rules established for behavior while attending partnering parks and/or special enthusiast events. Season Passholder Members are expected to respect and follow the COC, to honor the integrity of the Season Pass Podcast, its membership club (Season Passholders), and the park that has graciously accepted the Season Passholder community. Any Season Passholder Member in violation of the COC will be subject to the partnering park’s disciplinary procedures, as well as suspension or termination of your Season Passholder membership (with no refund).
    • Season Passholders must follow all park policies and rules. This includes the proper use of seat belts, lap bars, and shoulder restraints; correctly storing loose articles before riding, i.e.: cameras, phones, recording devices, etc.; no line jumping and trespassing in restricted park areas. It’s always important to be safe, responsible, and a positive influence in creating a family friendly environment.
    • Season Passholders are not permitted to ask staff, management, or the Dippin Dot guy for any special benefits, rule bending, or exceptions that are not granted to the regular park guest.
    • Please treat park staff, fellow attendees, general public, and any other living individual, with respect and kindness through every transaction and engagement at all times. This includes all on-site interactions, as well as all communications on the Internet, phone, email, social media, etc. If there is confusion or misunderstanding, please be kind and respectful. Displaying loud and/or combative behavior is a quick way to be banned from the park, as well as termination of your Season Passholder membership.
    • Season Passholders may not request for perks. It’s a privilege to be an accepted enthusiast club, however, we are not entitled to discounts or freebies, unless Season Passholders are offered fixed rates or gifts arranged by the partnering park.
    • Season Passholders may use their membership for partnering parks and special events only when officially registered through the Season Pass Podcast: Season Passholder program, and are active (that means not expired).
    • Season Passholders may not act as a representative of the Season Pass Podcast, or on behalf of the Season Passholder club leadership unless given written authority and consent from Douglas Barnes (Owner of the Season Pass Podcast and the Season Passholder Membership program).
    • There is ZERO tolerance for physical, verbal, or sexual harassment by any club member. Any improper conduct, act, or comment that is offensive or disrespectful can cause a violation in the code. Again, just be cool and kind…it really works.
    • When registering for an event, it is important to have non-Season Passholders register and attend the event as a guest of an active Season Passholder, who must be registered and attending the event as well. Please remember, you (the active Season Passholder representative) are responsible for the actions and conduct of the guest who registered under you. They will be held to the same rules and policies that are in the COC.
    • If there is an event you are registering for, or purchasing tickets/passes from a partner park with your active Season Passholder membership, please follow the instructions given. If there is any confusion or if you have any questions on proper purchasing procedures, please contact Doug Barnes by email at or
    • Make sure to keep your e-card on your smart phone or tablet for visual evidence; It’s your proof of active membership.
    • Lastly, have fun. The Code of Conduct may seem demanding, but it’s all in the name of fun and enjoyment. The park staff, enthusiast community, and the general public all have the right to enjoy their day together.