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When you join this special membership community, you'll receive a “Digital Membership Pass” and all kinds of exclusive benefits, including:

Receive “Season Passholder Podcast” Members-Only Shows!
Every month, The Season Pass will produce mini-shows just for our Season Passholders, with commentary and reviews by the hosts, some surprise guests, and even Season Passholder will have opportunities to be a guest on these members-only podcasts!

Have Access to Selected Enthusiast Events!
As the Season Passholder community continues to expand, so does its recognition as an Enthusiast Club. Season Passholders will have access to selected enthusiast events and other specials from partnering parks. Make sure to read the CODE OF CONDUCT when planning to attend a partner park or accepted enthusiast event.

FREE Premium Pass episodes/DISCOUNTED After Hours episodes
The Season Pass is producing new Premium Pass "audio documentaries" and AFTER HOURS “Uncensored Programs,” that will be available to the general public by purchase only. Season Passholders will receive PREMIUM PASS episodes for FREE and receive 50% off discounts for all AFTER HOURS content!

Season Pass merchandise discounts!
Season Pass will soon open its store with all kinds of show merchandise! Every Passholder will receive special offers with their own discounted TSPP Store!

Season Passholder Perks will continue to expand!
The Season Passholder Membership is brand new and will continue to expand with more exclusive media, discounts, newsletters, events, privileges, Theme Park Award Nomination/Voting Committee Seats, and MORE!

And as a Season Passholder, you'll be part of an elite group that is helping to keep The Season Pass on the air!

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